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Team Alpha Male Announces Historic Sponsorship Agreement with Mountain Lion Aviation

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

First of its kind deal provides unprecedented support for fighters, including a new discretionary bonus program, training scholarships, funds for coaching salaries, a life skills training curriculum, career and financial counseling, and free flights for fighters and their families. 

(June 12, Sacramento, Calif.) -- Team Alpha Male (TAM) today announced that Mountain Lion Aviation will become the team’s new presenting sponsor. This first of its kind deal will provide unprecedented financial support for the team’s male and female fighters. This new sponsorship is also important because it coincides with the opening this week of Team Alpha Male’s new 20,000 square foot world class training facility in Sacramento, Calif. 

Team Alpha Male was founded in 2004 by Urijah Faber as one of the pioneering teams in mixed martial arts. Urijah Faber, who was a collegiate wrestler and multiple-time world champion mixed martial artist, was one of the pioneers in the sport in helping to establish lighter weight classes. Faber’s strong recruiting efforts, combined with his personal mentorship, team approach, and disciplined leadership, has helped to build generations of amazing athletes and fighters. Today, Team Alpha Male is home to some of the best male and female fighters in the world (including current and recent world champions), and the team continues to attract the very best in talent from around the globe. TAM’s culture of teamwork and results, combined with its popularity and brand awareness, makes Team Alpha Male arguably the strongest in the sport today.  

This sponsorship with Mountain Lion Aviation is unprecedented in the sport of mixed martial arts, and historic for the direct support it will provide to members of Team Alpha Male. The new TAM and Mountain Lion Aviation partnership will provide a number of amazing benefits for the team’s fighters. Because of this sponsorship, fighters are now eligible for a new discretionary bonus program, training scholarships, funds for coaching salaries, a life skills training curriculum, and career and financial counseling. In addition, under the sponsorship Mountain Lion Aviation will become the official airline partner of Team Alpha Male, and will provide complimentary flights for the fighters and their families to attend fights. 

This sponsorship is especially important because it coincides with the opening of Urijah Faber’s new world class training facility for Team Alpha Male and members of the public in Sacramento, Calif. This new facility has been personally designed by Urijah Faber and is unlike any MMA gym in the world. The more than 20,000 square foot facility has everything an MMA athlete could dream of, including 6,000 square feet of mat space; cages for fighting simulation; a 10,000 square foot functional fitness area with a modern strength and conditioning area; a kickboxing studio; a specialty room for longevity and recovery classes; and a yoga and stretching area. The fitness center is also equipped with the latest in video and sound technology, including a large viewing screen in the main MMA training area. The new facility also has personal training and massage available, as well as a kids zone and a youth MMA program to help foster the next generation of MMA stars. The crown jewel of the facility is the Cafe and lounge (complete with wifi) which will serve the very latest in healthy lifestyle foods and beverages (including Kombucha Kulture on tap, fresh local pressed Liquidology juices, Trifecta nutrition organic food, and an array of smoothies and salads). The facility also has a pro shop that is fully stocked with equipment and clothing ready for purchase by guests.

“I am so proud to announce this first of its kind sponsorship that will do so much to directly support our male and female fighters,” said Urijah Faber. “This team has always been about the fighters, and we are so blessed to have found in Mountain Lion Aviation a company that shares my passion for our team culture and spirit. Becoming a professional MMA fighter is one of the toughest ways to make a living in this world, and it is a long hard road. When Jim Wilkinson and I first met he said that his first and only priority was to help our fighters, and this deal puts significant new financial resources behind our team. This sponsorship will help us provide world class support for our team members today, and attract the very best talent of tomorrow to our team.” 

“Mountain Lion Aviation is honored to partner with Urijah Faber and Team Alpha Male,” said Jim Wilkinson, Chairman of Mountain Lion Aviation. “We love this sport and we are so honored to be able to support these male and female warriors who serve as great role models for us all. Their dedication to excellence and pursuing their dreams is something we should all celebrate, and we are so proud to be part of their journey. All of us can learn important lessons from these courageous warriors.” 

About Mountain Lion Aviation

Mountain Lion Aviation ( is a charter aviation company and flight school headquartered in Truckee, Calif. that was founded by Jim Wilkinson out of extreme frustration in fighting the oppressive traffic in northern California. Jim believed there simply had to be a better way, and he founded Mountain Lion Aviation to help others stop wasting time in traffic and spend their valuable time doing things that really matter.

Traffic has become a serious choke point that dramatically affects quality of life for all of us – and sadly this congestion is only getting worse. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mountain Lion Aviation believes your time is too valuable to waste hours and hours in traffic, and we believe your schedule is too precious to be held hostage by gridlock. You deserve flexibility, convenience and personal service. Your travel and schedule needs are unique and there simply is no one size fits all aviation model that will help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Anyone that claims otherwise simply isn’t telling the truth. The truth is that you need personal concierge service from someone that knows your name, knows your travel needs, and is available on your schedule. We provide this personal service to you.

We focus on serving a small and elite group of clients who have made the important decision to take back control of their schedules, to spend less time in traffic, and to spend their time doing things that really matter.  We believe in the principle of no wasted motion and we would be honored to have the chance to help you take back your life. We can develop a personalized model for you that works, and we will get you where you want to go while others are still stuck in the security lines at the airport.

The Mountain Lion fleet of airplanes is especially unique because each of our airplanes has a parachute for the entire airplane.  The parachute system on our fleet of Cirrus aircraft is designed to protect occupants in the event of an emergency by safely lowering the aircraft to the ground after deployment. This parachute system revolutionized general aviation safety by providing an additional measure of safety to occupants.  Cirrus is the only certified general aviation aircraft manufacturer in the world to provide this parachute safety feature as standard equipment.  We are proud to fly these wonderful airplanes.

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