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We believe you should never stop learning in life. The world is an exciting place, and learning to fly is an incredibly rewarding personal experience. 


Mountain Lion Aviation is the most advanced flight school in the country, and we are the only Cirrus Training Center operating in the Tahoe region. The Cirrus aircraft is the best-selling general aviation aircraft in the world because of its unrivaled safety. By combining Cirrus Standardized Training with full-motion flight simulators, our personalized programs save you time and money on your quest to become a pilot. We are a Certified Cirrus Training Center, and all of our pilots are factory trained Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP). Our pilots are also mountain flying experts.

Our professional flight instructors have undergone extensive ground and flight training in Cirrus aircraft to distinguish themselves as an expert in Cirrus flight training. All CSIPs use standardized flight operations manuals, syllabus suites, and procedures to ensure that your flight training is consistent with other Cirrus pilots’ training and with that of the factory training at Cirrus Headquarters.


You will learn concepts in a simulator first before getting into our aircraft. We teach you complex resource management in a low-cost stress-free environment.



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