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TBM 930

The TBM 930 holds the distinction of being the fastest single-engine production airplanes in existence. With cruise speeds up to 380 mph, and a travel distance of 1,700 miles, the TBM 930 offers the cruise speed and comfort of typical light jets, but with the efficiency of a single engine turboprop. 

TBM’s performance is legendary, allowing utilization of airports as short as 2,600 feet and mountain airports where business jets dare not follow. Pair that with the power and reliability of its PT6A turbine engine, the TBM 930 is the perfect plane for your business trip or family adventure. 

The Daher TBM 930 is powered by the world renown Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66D 850shp engine. The PT6A is recognized as a standard in the aviation industry as the most reliable aircraft powerplant ever built. 

The sleek and stylish cabin is set up in a 4 passenger club seat configuration.


The Daher TBM very fast turboprop aircraft defines reliability in the skies! Incorporating a variety of aluminum and steel alloys, titanium as well as advanced composite materials, the TBM airframe offers unmatched structural strength and durability at the lowest possible weight. From its inception, the TBM aircraft family employed a fail-safe airframe design, including the use of multiple load paths, a crack-stopper band, and an optimized number of access panels to maximize structural life and sub-system reliability, while also minimizing repair-cycle times. 


​New styling on the TBM 930 begins with a refined cabin entrance that incorporates a harmony of black fittings and polished metal elements in the doorstep stairs and handle. Seats easily recline, and are ingeniously sized with adjustable backrests and folding armrests. which allow passengers to relax in hand sculpted comfort.



The Garmin G3000 avionics system’s new GTC 580 glass touchscreen controller provides highly intuitive control with a host of functions. Landscape oriented for better integration into the cockpit panel, the controller allows TBM 930 pilots to access systems features with just a few taps. The GTC 580 incorporates streamlined menu structure to remove visual clutter and eliminate mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches.

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