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Versatile. Safe. Reliable. Proven. These are the terms operators use to describe the Pilatus PC-12. Add comfort, quality, efficiency and time savings to the list of benefits for those who travel on the world’s most popular single-engine business aircraft.


In over seven million flight hours, the PC-12 has proven itself as the most versatile and valued business aircraft in the world. Each aircraft is individually and exquisitely crafted to not only meet your exacting expectations, but also those of Pilatus’ demanding Swiss heritage.


The Pilatus PC-12 is powered by the world renown Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 engine. With over 60,000 engines in service, and more than 400 million hours in the air, the PT6 engine family has a track record second to none.



With over seven million hours of experience in the PC-12, Pilatus engineers know a thing or two when it comes to safety and the interface between the aircraft and the pilot. Every element of new technology earns its way onto the aircraft only if it helps a pilot fly safely and efficiently.


With tools and features more advanced than most commercial airliners the PC-12 is powerful, intuitive and safe -- all the things you expect from Pilatus.



Together with BMW Designworks, the Pilatus PC-12 offers the most comfortable and modern cabin experience ever. It starts with larger windows that make the cabin bright and open. It continues with the hand-sewn leather and fully reclining executive seats. It even comes equipped with a private lavatory that allows for longer trips to discover new destinations.


Thanks to the pallet-sized cargo door, you won’t have to make tough decisions while packing for your next adventure. You may even decide to bring your favorite snowboard or mountain bike along for the ride!



Business aviation is all about getting to places you can’t access on an airliner, and there are more than 11,600 paved runways around the world that are 3,500 feet (1,067 metres) or longer. But the PC-12 is not like other business aircraft. At maximum gross weight, it needs just 2,485 feet (758 metres) of runway and can also operate on grass, gravel and dirt.


This extra level of performance opens up your world of possible destinations. Where might the Pilatus PC-12 take you?

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