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Mountain Lion Aviation and Tahoe Fund Announce Partnership

Lake Tahoe charter service to donate funds for every hour in the air

Truckee, Calif. (Jan. 30, 2023) – The only local private aviation charter company in Lake Tahoe is joining forces with one of the region’s non-profit organizations to help lower and sequester carbon emissions. Mountain Lion Aviation will donate money for every hour flown to the Tahoe Fund. These funds will support environmental improvement projects in the Tahoe Basin.

“We’re all locals. We all love living here and we all wanted to do something to help preserve this beautiful place we call home,” says Chris Barbera, CEO of Mountain Lion Aviation. “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our members and clients, and as a deep appreciation for them, and a love for our home, we decided to support the Tahoe Fund this way – the more we fly, the more we donate.”

The Tahoe Fund will use these donations to support projects in three key focus areas that are directly tied to carbon reduction:

Forest Health: Forest health projects reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and its polluting emissions, and create a healthier forest better able to sequester carbon.

Transportation: More public transportation reduces vehicle miles traveled and carbon emissions.

Wetlands Restoration: Restoring watersheds has a number of benefits in Lake Tahoe: improving lake clarity, reducing the prevalence of aquatic invasive species, mitigating fire and flood risk, increasing groundwater storage, strengthening habitat and ecological health, providing more opportunities for recreation, and critically, sequestering carbon.

“It’s great to see a local business like Mountain Lion Aviation step up to make a difference,” said Tahoe Fund CEO Amy Berry. “Every hour they spend in the air will help us get more work done on the ground to improve the Lake Tahoe environment for all to enjoy."

Some of the projects that will benefit include: the Smartest Forest Fund, which supports innovative projects and new technology to improve forest health; TART Connect, which offers free, on-demand public transportation across the region; and the Greater Upper Truckee Watershed Restoration, the largest and most impaired watershed in the region. To learn more about the various programs funded by Tahoe Fund, visit:

About Mountain Lion Aviation: Mountain Lion Aviation, an elite, personalized charter aircraft service and certified Cirrus Training Center, started in 2017 in Truckee, CA. Mountain Lion Aviation provides a multifaceted approach to current and future pilots along with servicing the communities’ mobility needs. The Mountain Lion Aviation experience allows people to get where they are going efficiently, effectively and safely. To learn more, please visit To book personalized charter services or Cirrus flight training with the Mountain Lion team, please email or call at (530) 655-1100

About the Tahoe Fund: The Tahoe Fund is a nonprofit founded in 2010 to support environmental improvement projects that restore lake clarity, enhance sustainable recreation, promote healthier forests, improve transportation and inspire greater stewardship of the region. Through the generous support of its donors, the Tahoe Fund has leveraged more than $10 million in private funds to secure more than $60 million in public funds for more than 80 environmental projects. The projects include new sections of the Lake Tahoe Bikeway, restoration of watersheds, removal of aquatic invasive species, forest health projects, new hiking trails, and stewardship programs. Learn more at

Press Contact:

Jess Weaver, JVP Communications for the Tahoe Fund

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