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Mountain Lion Aviation Expands Elite Private Charter Aviation Service to Texas

Mountain Lion Aviation Expands

Elite Private Charter Aviation Service to Texas

World-Class Fort Worth Alliance Airport to Serve as Base of Operations

Fort Worth, Texas May 11, 2021. Mountain Lion Aviation ( announced today the expansion of its elite private charter aviation service to Texas. This new elite charter service has already begun with operations based at Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) in Fort Worth, Texas. Mountain Lion Aviation was the first Part 135 charter company to offer private aircraft charters at AFW.

Mountain Lion chose AFW as its base of operations due its world-class customer facilities, central location and proximity to a large mid-market population of executives and families seeking the convenience and safety of private charters. Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the anchor of AllianceTexas, a 27,000-acre, master-planned community developed by Hillwood, continues to attract the aviation industry’s top innovators, leading corporations and regional growth of families relocating to North Texas.

“We are so proud to expand into my home state of Texas and we are honored to partner with the world class team at Fort Worth Alliance Airport,” said Jim Wilkinson, Mountain Lion Aviation Founder and Chairman. “The commercial aviation experience today is unpleasant, time consuming and very unpredictable. If COVID has taught us anything it’s that we should value what matters most and spend time on things that truly matter in our lives. Every one of us has reevaluated our lives in the wake of the pandemic, and there is no question that time with our families is most precious. We serve business travelers who need to get to cities like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, West Texas or neighboring states -- and then be home for dinner or events with their families. We also serve families whose desire is to travel, on their own terms, to beautiful places like Colorado and Florida or a college football game or golf tournament and then be back home while others are still stuck in airport security or traffic.”

“Mountain Lion Aviation’s concierge approach to service, coupled with their professionalism and safety standards makes them the perfect addition to the AFW family,” said Chris Ash, Senior VP of Aviation Business Development. “Mountain Lion Aviation without a doubt will help the north Texas community create efficiency when conducting business, and more importantly when spending time with family. We’re excited to support Mountain Lion Aviation as they begin to operate in Texas. I have no doubt they’ll support the community well and help create a safe and efficient travel experience.”

Mountain Lion Aviation has a world-class team of aviation experts that is deeply committed to safety. The company has carefully chosen its aircraft platforms with safety, convenience and customer affordability in mind. Mountain Lion currently uses three different aircraft in Texas.

· The Pilatus PC-12 provides a cabin with ample room for seven people, with a range of up to 1,400 nautical miles along with one of the industries safest engines, the Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turbine.

· The Socata TBM 940 – the world’s fastest turboprop airplane -- which can seat five passengers for destinations of up to 1,200 nautical miles. This plane is also equipped with the Home Safe auto-landing system.

· The Cirrus SR-22 Turbo is equipped with the latest modern avionics package and the famous Cirrus parachute system for the entire aircraft for added safety. With a range of approximately 500 nautical miles, the Cirrus provides economical and safe mobility for regional trips for up to four passengers.

Mountain Lion Aviation was founded four years ago by Jim Wilkinson out of his family’s frustration with the gridlock of traffic, and a desire to spend more time experiencing new places with his family. The company has a simple vision: to help people take back control of their schedules and stop wasting time sitting in traffic or in airport security.

“The average resident in our country spends more than 60 hours a year in traffic, and if you live in a major population center, you can spend well over 100 hours a year in gridlocked traffic,” said Wilkinson. “Traffic has become a serious choke point that dramatically affects quality of life – and sadly this congestion is only going to get worse. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe your time is too valuable to waste with hours and hours in traffic, and we believe your schedule is too precious to be held hostage by gridlock. You deserve flexibility, convenience and personalized service. Your travel and schedule needs are unique and there simply is no one-size-fits-all aviation model that will help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Anyone that claims otherwise simply isn’t telling the truth. The truth is that you need personal concierge service from someone that knows your name, knows your travel needs and is available on your schedule. We provide this personal service to you. Mobility today is a challenge for us all, and we can help. We focus on serving a small and elite group of clients who have made the important decision to take back control of their schedules, to spend less time in traffic and to spend their time doing things that really matter. We believe in the principle of no wasted motion, and we would be honored to have the chance to help you take back your life.”


Mountain Lion Aviation, an elite, personalized charter aircraft service, started in 2017 in Truckee, CA as both a flight school and charter operation providing a multifaceted approach to current and future pilot and charter needs. Mountain Lion Aviation is an exclusive charter airline service that provides a personalized model to fit the unique needs of travelers and commuters. The Mountain Lion Aviation experience allows people to get where they are going efficiently, effectively and safely. To learn more, please visit To book personalized charter services with the Mountain Lion team, please email or call at (817) 993-9577.


Fort Worth Alliance Airport is the world's first industrial airport designed for cargo and corporate aviation traffic. The airport features a vast array of flight services, including air cargo, corporate, private, and military aviation, and is the cornerstone for the nation's fastest-growing industrial complex, the Alliance Global Logistics Hub. Owned by the City of Fort Worth and managed by privately-held Alliance Air Services, Fort Worth Alliance Airport provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and an award-winning FAA air traffic control tower. The attached FBO has been ranked among the finest in the U.S. by industry publications, as well as fuel service providers. For more information, please visit


AllianceTexas is an unparalleled regional success story that has transformed the North Texas economy and connected the area to global industry. Consisting of 27,000 acres, the Hillwood development is anchored by the world’s first dedicated industrial airport, Fort Worth Alliance Airport, and hosts one of the nation’s premier intermodal hubs. Today, AllianceTexas is home to 533 companies that have created more than 63,000 direct jobs and has approximately 53 million square feet of developed commercial real estate assets. The development’s cumulative impact since 1989 is an estimated $92 billion for the North Texas region. AllianceTexas boasts corporate headquarters, healthcare providers, higher education centers, shopping and entertainment destinations, and vibrant residential communities. From the newest homeowner to the most well-known of Fortune 500 companies, opportunity thrives at AllianceTexas. For additional information, please visit


Contact: Lexi Schuchert

Associate, TrailRunner International

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